Tuesday, April 29, 2014

30/30 Four Twenty

The bandage is bleeding
These wounds of democracy

Someone always thinks
They can do it better

30/30 four twenty-four

It started with
a pale blue dot
the letter o
the shape your mouth
makes when you're
surprised, in awe
the orifice, a nipple
the aureola, the shape
of the womb, an egg
(some eggs) cookery
yolks, the center
of a target
street lights red, yellow, green
the insides of flowers
pollen, the iris
a blink, the sun
the perfect earth
the moon the moon
who knows a rain drop
a freckle, a pimple
your cyst, wort, ingrown hair
the dimple
the nail head and hammer
a doorbell the knob
the parts where a strainer empties
maybe the clock
the time 8:00

30/30 four twenty-eight

The river;
It can be damned
polluted, dried up, directed
And we are the stones
scrapping the bottom
of its path.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

30/30 four eighteen

Its a lonely city
filling in holes
the buildings are phallic
light pollution
so much dumping
at my feet
I kick it a long
a couple blocks
then get on the bus
to the post office
send directions home
to my apartment
where i feel
more blue more deep
than the Willamette river
eroding shores
humanity is as bland
as the desert
a wasteland

Your apocalypse
is my vacation
i'm bigger then
King Kong
the Big Pink
has a cock ring on
and I sit right down
itching my pubes
with the rubbing
one or two flutter
down on the city

What are we here for
if not to make
changes to disrupt
the silence, sing and
fart and leap
off buildings
make up superheros
because the truth is
our significance
and attraction
all prescribed

Society has decided
what kind of woman
I am

30/30 four sixteen

Meeting with friends
dedication to time
to people who can hurt
but who understand
who also love
having something sweet
for a release
its just dessert
its just delicious
hardness of candy
moist wrappers the unwrapping
nails, teeth, tongue
I wonder about the masturbation
hall where all our dirty
thoughts knock on doors

Monday, April 14, 2014

30/30 four ten

My father
in his swim trunks
on his birthday
takes a breath
a stroke
-unlike Sarahs father had-
that only strengthens
the body
I cling to his longevity
he wonders
how much more bored
he will become

I know there is no end

Sunday, April 13, 2014

30/30 four nine

someone tells you
you need to be told
you look nice
the weather is quaint
this is when
it all changes
lets make up more
words to express
while the cats
stay inside
meaningless conversations
with customers